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The two facets of Greek art

Greece: from archaeological sites to modern art
Everybody knows some Greek myths and legends, has heard about Ancient Greece, and the Greece of the republic and democracy, in a word, everybody knows hints of Greece History (though they don’t always know they do). What we usually forget is that Greece is also the cradle of theater, and especially of tragedy. Many theaters remains can be visited and some of them even keep on hosting plays and concerts, like Epidaurus Theater, which has an amazing acoustics and can accommodate up to 14,000 spectators!
Few know that the country set up many modern art exhibitions that contrast with the museums and archaeological sites dating from Ancient Greece.
Every year, dozens of cultural and artistic events are set up in Greece. The Onassis Cultural Center, in Athens, is home to numerous shows, concerts, exhibitions, plays, etc. on a 18,000 sq m area (about 21,528 sq yd).

Epidaurus Theater - by *clairity*

Epidaurus remains - by *clairity*

Ancient Greek Pottery - by Hans Ollermann

Acropolis Museum - by romman

Onassis Cultural Center Auditorium