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Cretan philosopher's stone

The Cretans secret for a long life
Everybody has heard of the famous philosopher stone, the mysterious substance that can change any metal into gold, can cure even the most severe diseases, and can lengthen life beyond nature. And what if I told you that the Cretans obviously cannot change metal into gold, but know how to prevent many one severe diseases, especially cardio vascular ones, and so can lengthen life…
Don’t laugh, the Cretans have the longest life expectancy in the world (no, the Japanese do not) and have extremely low cancer and cardiovascular rates.
Wondering what their secret is? Their food habits… the famous Cretan diet, which intrigues always  more scientists and has led to several international in recent years. One of the latest, the biggest ever made was led by the EPIC, the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, among 522,000 people, accounting for the food habits of 36,000,000 people from ten European countries.
The results are categorical: the Cretan diet is the most balanced and best diet for human beings. It works on three main points:
- The balance in fatty acids, favoring the unsaturated ones (olive oil, fish) instead of saturated and animal fatty acids (red meat, butter, pork meats)
- The glycemic index as the Cretan diet is rich in cereals, fruits and vegetables. The Cretans eat twice as much fibers as most of the Europeans do. Fibers favor the intestinal transit, protect the intestines, regulate the assimilation of sugars, and enhance fat elimination, which can reduce by 80% the risk of contracting a cardiovascular disease (heart attack, etc.) and by 40% the risk of colon cancer!
- Antioxidants, which slow cell aging by preventing the formation of the free radicals. And here, surprise! Antioxidants are present in fruits and vegetables AND in wine (mainly in red wine).
One could say it is one more time about controlling what we eat, deprive ourselves… however, who never craves for a Greek salad when he sees one? For a colorful plate of vegetables (green, yellow, and red peppers, tomatoes, eggplant)? For fish and olives in a foil parcel? For plates cooked with olive oil? For honey?
Thus it would be possible to stay young, thin, and in good health as well as to live longer and in better conditions only thanks to a balance diet with tasty and colorful food, and with no deprivation. That secret, jealously kept by the Cretans for centuries, should soon get a lot of adepts all over the world and could even become THE new trendy diet, for once one with unanimous support from the physicians and considered as the most efficient on the long run…

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