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INCON Survey

INCON unveils findings of its Second Annual Survey of the Global Association Conference Market 
INCON has unveiled findings of its second annual survey of the global association conference market. Presented today by INCON Co Chairs Inge Hanser and Roslyn McLeod at the IMEX trade expo in Frankfurt, the survey forecasts optimistic projections for 2010 and 2011, signaling that the worst effects of the recent global recession are abating. 
Following on from the inaugural INCON survey of 2009 this research initiative surveyed 30 professional conference organizers (PCOs) representing the 11 INCON Partner companies. Research topics included sources of business, event attendance, industry trends, conference services, competition and employment. 
Overall the survey findings paint a positive picture for 2010/2011. 
The strong negative impact of the economic downturn on 2009 business is reversing with a majority of INCON partners (60%) reporting an improvement in business levels in 2010 and 47% confirming more profitable business levels. Overall delegate numbers, key performance indicators for the meetings industry appear stable or better than 2009 emphasizing a shift in the market with delegates more willing and able to attend conferences. 
Healthcare continues to reign as the primary industry sector with business from the governmental sector decreasing. Employment prospects are set to improve with 60% of respondents expecting to increase the number of employees in 2010 and only 7% expecting to decrease the number. 
Key trends impacting the sector are Procurement and Perception of Value with 83% of PCOs surveyed stating that clients are demanding more transparency across all cost elements. 
CSR and green concerns are hot topics and PCOs are providing an increased range of Marketing & Communication services with social media being harnessed to enhance the marketing of meetings and events. 
A complete survey report providing a detailed statistical breakdown of the findings is available on www.incon-pco.com