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Dubaiís strict rules

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You read regularly stories of – sometimes fairly innocent – tourists being thrown into jail or getting fined in Dubai because of having sinned against a law they were probably not aware of.

As a popular tourism destination the Dubai government is starting up a big PR campaign stressing the rules that are in place in this Muslim country. It is known that undercover agents visit the beaches to look for unbecoming behavior such as kissing in public. A first misdemeanor will bring a warning, a second time the offenders will be prosecuted.

Other illegal points or actions that are severely frowned upon:

- Topless sunbathing or swimming
- Beachwear can only be worn on the beach or in the hotel
- Women are encouraged to wear a bathing suit rather than a bikini
- On public beaches women are supposed to use the ladies beaches
- Short trousers (for men) and naked shoulders (for women) are seen as sinful
- It is considered a lack of manners to be seen eating or drinking in public during Ramadan
- It is absolutely forbidden to photograph Muslim women
- Drinking & driving a big no-no – zero tolerance! 
- Public drunkenness will also result in incarceration
- Porn is illegal even ‘normal’ nudity pictures are considered pornographic
- Drugs are of course illegal but beware that certain European medication such as codeine is also considered a drug in Dubai!
- Homosexuality is also against the law.

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