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Green Meetings Kimpton

Kimpton Green Meetings 
Some behaviors can have a great impact. That is what the teams of the Kimpton American hotels think. They offer an ecofriendly program for the setting up of meetings in their hotels: Kimpton EarthCare Program.
It aims to combine the high standards of the clients with ecofriendly measures to obtain the lowest environmental cost. "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is their creed.
Here are some Green examples of what Kimpton hotels have already introduced:
- Supplies are made with recycled products (no plastic, polystyrene, etc.);
- Products come from local suppliers;
- Correspondence is electronic from the request to the final contract;
- Water is served in pitchers instead of plastic bottles and several organic drinks are offered;
- Installation of in-room recycling bins;
- Implementation of automatic lighting;
- Collection and recycling of unused paper.
The environment and sustainable development charter guarantees the setting up of "Green" meetings with no difference of comfort for Kimpton hotels clients. It is a great initiative that should inspire many hotels worldwide in the years to come.

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