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Carbon compensation

Think of Carbon Compensation!
Ecotourism is a trend that consists in reducing the impact of tourism on the environment by adopting ecoresponsible behaviors. Hotels must get new systems to get electricity and use "cleaner" resources.
These behaviors also apply for business tourism. Many "Green" hotels and tour operators offer trips with a low impact on the environment.
But here is the problem. It is a good practice to offer clients to stay in a hotel built with recycled materials or lit with photovoltaic panels; but to go from the place they live to the hotel, clients have to travel by plane, they often use helicopters, boats, or motorcycles, and systematically cars. What do we do with that unavoidable pollution that damages the environment and is incompatible with ecotourism?
There is a solution. It is not very known but it is developing slowly. It is called "Carbon Compensation". It is a way for a traveler to compensate the pollution of his trip; the aim is to get a neutral carbon footprint. That is to say compensate the impact of the trip, or of any other activity, on the environment by buying carbon footprint credits.
You can buy these credits in some specialty shops, but some hotels, airlines, event organizers and tour operators offer this service.
The aim of these compensation programs is to get money that will be immediately invested in projects fighting pollution, the greenhouse effect, and global warming. They are also a way to finance reforestation campaigns aiming to absorb more carbon dioxide and to fight again deforestation.
All these projects are most of the time run by associations. They want to compensate the slowness of governments for launching concrete environmental policies on a large scale and should develop a lot in the next years. Let’s precise that a compulsory carbon tax is being discussed in Europe and would make airlines pay a tax corresponding to the pay back of about 15% of their carbon dioxide emissions.
Why not to mix business with pleasure and set up incentives with 0% environmental impact? Very few incentive houses offer that kind of trip, thus you can think of many possibilities. Be among the first ones to offer O% impact events; a trend that is developing very quickly and may become a norm in a few years!

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