Who is aimed at? 

To all companies which have a special need or project for the organisation of a business travel; to all companies established on the MICE market (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Event); to business tourism agencies or companies with a particular need and wishing to get in touch with professionals of the MICE market, everywhere in the world.


What are the companies referenced on

Renowned professionals of business tourism: DMC/incoming agencies, convention bureaus, tourist offices, convention centres and congress organizers/PCO.


How does work? is a business directory for companies providing services in business tourism (DMC/incoming agencies, tourist offices, convention bureaus, convention centres and congress organizers/PCO. Those companies commit themselves to meet the requirements detailed in the Charter of It offers different categories of space for its members. DMC and PCO can choose between "First", "Business" and "Eco". "First" includes a sole space for each country (or area for some of them). The "Business" category presents 10 spaces per country (or area). There is no limit for the category "Eco". For more information, please read the general terms of sale. For the convention centre, invoicing will be calculated in accordance with the numbers of declared square meters of exhibition.


What are the differences between the categories "First", "Business" and "Eco" on

For each category, a different space of presentation offers variable functionalities, depending on your subscription. 

With the "First" category, you can benefit from an exclusive privileged space, at the top of the country (or area) page, an advertising banner (250X250), 3 spaces for the insertion of its logo and those of its potential partners, a direct link to its Website (URL), a video player, a slide show (35 pictures, .jpeg /.png / .swf) a 5,000 sign-text which permits a large presentation of it’s activities. 

The"Business" category is situated below the "First" category and has a slightly reduced space. It gets 2 spaces for the insertion of two logos (its and one of its potential partners’), a direct link to its website, a slide show (10 pictures, .jpeg /.png / .swf), and a 1,500 sign-text, which permits a quick presentation of it’s activities. 

The "Eco" category offers a presence in the DMC list of a country (or area) and a direct link to your Website (URL).


Why aren't tourist offices and convention bureaus classified by the "First", "Business" and "Eco" classification?

Tourist offices and convention bureaus are classified in two categories: National and Regional (or local), thus enabling each one to be visible in a clear space for visitors.


I am a convention centre, why is there no category for this type of company?

Convention centres are classified by size, which means that those with the largest exhibition/reception area will be classified at the top of the dedicated space. Moreover, convention centres have their own space on MICEFINDER, which presents in details the whole of their possibilities in terms of MICE. 


I am interested in the category « Business » or « Eco » in my country. The name of my company starts with a letter at the end of the alphabet, but I do not want to appear at the bottom of the page. What can be done?

No problem. On, the display of members is chosen randomly, so your company will always appear at a different position on the page, thus ensures a good visibility of your references.


I am not referenced on, how can I subscribe?

First, please make sure that you meet the requirements mentioned in the Charter of Then, click on “Subscribe” and check the availability of the "Business" and "Eco" spaces. Fill in the subscription form. As soon as we receive your payment, you will immediately be referenced and receive your login and password.


The "Business" and "First" spaces of my country (or area) are not available. What can be done?’s policy is “First in, first served”. Available spaces (1 "First" per country/area; 10 "Business" per country/area) are granted to the first demand.


How long does the subscription last?

A subscription to lasts 12 consecutive months. You can subscribe anytime if the space you wish to take up is still available.


I would like to subscribe for a shorter period of time. Is it possible?

No, subscriptions to are 12 month-subscriptions.


I cannot use or do not want to use online payment. How can I proceed? enables you to settle your invoice by bank transfer. You will find all the necessary information on the subscription form, including the pro rata invoice. You can also pay by check.


I am a new agency (DMC/incoming agency). In accordance with the Charter of, I cannot be on the Website. Why? makes a commitment to its readers and members that EVERY company (DMC, PCO) presents professional guarantees that have been confirmed by customers and partners. It is therefore essential that members have proved their know-how during a sufficient period of time. Furthermore, the aim of the clauses set out in the Charter of is to ensure that the partners on are experienced and renowned professionals, respecting the rules and ethics of the profession. It is consequently necessary to have met all the requirements before being able to subscribe.


I am an announcer on and I would like to terminate my subscription. How can I proceed?

You can either wait until the end of the subscription and do not renew your subscription; or you can send us a registered letter. As soon as we receive it we will erase the references of your company.


In this case, will you pay me back the remaining  months ?

No, the subscription is signed from the beginning of your membership to the end of the 12th month. Since you have payed your subscription at the very beginning of your membership, the settlement will be kept


How can I pay my subscription? offers two possibilities: by credit card, directly in the subscription space. You can also pay by bank transfer or by cheque. In these cases, the invoice will be immediately issued on line. Fill in the form and the pro forma invoice. As soon as we receive your settlement, we will send you the invoice by email as well as our login and password.


How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

On home page, you will find a tab “MICEFINDER’S newsletter”. Fill in the required fields and confirm. You have just subscribed!


I am not an incoming agency/DMC, neither a tourist office/convention bureau, convention centre or congress organizer/PCO. Can I subscribe to the newsletter?

Yes, even if is aimed at business tourism professionals, everyone can subscribe to the newsletter.


I would like to contact How to proceed?

You will find on the home page a tab “contact us”. You can send us all the questions and comments that you find useful. We commit to answer as soon as possible.


What is the Digital Traveller company that appears on some pages of

Digital Traveller is a company under the French law. It owns the trademark, the field name


What kind of information does provide to its visitors?

Besides presenting the references of announcers, permits to find useful information for the organisation of events, incentive trips and congresses such as the list of airports, the UNESCO‘s World heritage list, calling codes, public holidays, maps of each country etc… That content will enable you to be better prepared and will give you the materials you need to make the preliminary step before drawing a recommendation. You will also find helpful links to a weather forecast website and a currency converter.